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What really matters to you Interview with Mónica Gonzalez from GRC Business & Lifestyle

Health and money. What really matters to you Interview with Mónica Gonzalez from GRC Business & Lifestyle

We spoke with Mónica Gonzalez , Director of GRC Bussiness & Lifestyle , specialist in the implementation of wellness programs. He shares his opinion on the importance of maintaining physical and financial health; The reflections on which this interview borders us are significant, forcing us to rethink our lifestyle and the importance of finding a balance between the two things that matter to us: Money and health … Or will it be health and money?





Tell us a little about yourself and how you started in the financial sector

My first contact was in Bancomer, and there I verified the disconnection that exists between the academic and the work world. I did not last long, since I combined work with school, and given the time it required, it made it difficult for me to attend classes. Last semester, I had the opportunity to work for a Brazilian company, which gave me the opportunity to know Sao Paulo and that’s where my vision to do business was born.


You could share the readers of Rankia What is GRC?

GRC is the initiative to enrich daily practice in financial institutions. First, by generating spaces where experienced executives, who manage and face diverse problems day by day, share their knowledge and experiences; We do not intend to bring together senior executives who, although they dominate the subject, limit themselves to reporting activities, we want real people solving real problems, also promoting networking. This is a T2G Training2Grow Forum, which we are programming in Mexico, Colombia and Panama in a first stage.

The above is consolidated with BusinessTraining, through courses and seminars that certify the skills of executives in the field of Integral Risk Management for banks and financial entities. In addition we seek the approach with Universities, because we want to strengthen the link that enables the graduates to add added value, it is good to know the theory, but you have to reinforce the practice and it is something that they suffer equally, public or private universities.

Finally, we like to be in contact with people, so the idea of ​​Business & Lifesyle emerged, an e-magazine with business content, finance, markets and lifestyle. It is a project that is already alive for now in beta, and is reserved for next year; I can tell you that we want to take advantage of the experience of the population over 40 years old, who after that age suffer in the labor market due to the lack of opportunities, so we are going to privilege the collaborations of people with this profile, as well as those professionals with some disability


In your opinion, Mexicans, what do we prioritize first? Money or health?

I am Mexican, and I can say that health is not a priority in my country. We are the number one worldwide with more obese population and a high rate of diabetics. The population knows that this is not good for their health, but money for other purposes. It is curious, because money is not prioritized either, we are not characterized by an adequate financial culture that privileges savings and investment, the majority of the population lives “daily”.



We already know that Mexico occupies the first places in obesity worldwide. This problem What impact does this have on people’s personal finances?

The immediate impact, no doubt, is in health services, which tend to be high because the population goes to the doctor only when their condition is very deteriorated, but not for prevention. But there are other elements that are not considered, such as low labor productivity that impacts the salary, penalties for absences and delays; a high expenditure on food, because contrary to what is thought, eating bad costs more than eating healthy.

To this the collateral damages are added, because if the person who suffers from conditions related to obesity and overweight, does not have the economic capacity to correct their medical expenses, their relatives will have to do it. Even worse, if the person dies, leaves unprotected your economic dependents.



How does this public health problem affect government finances in Mexico?

A sustained upward trend in public spending allocated to the health sector, which despite the efforts does not yield the desired results. An obese adult and child population prevents the government from making a more efficient allocation of resources. I can tell you, I would like to know that the taxes I pay are being used in exchange scholarships for outstanding students, instead of treatments for people who are negligent with their personal care. It sounds hard, but we live a culture of minimum effort, they are not interested in eating well, they do not like to exercise, but we must all assume a part of the indirectly generated cost.


What is your opinion on the concept of “financial health”?

Financial health is synonymous with prosperity. Achieve this status when in addition to generating wealth, you are able to achieve a positive impact and an economic benefit in your closest circle, better still have the possibility of supporting causes in favor of the most vulnerable.


The financial culture in Mexico is very limited, in your opinion What could be done in the short term to generate a change on this topic?

I think it is very important to incorporate into the current curricula a subject for the promotion of financial culture. The information is available to the general public, Condusef has done a great job of dissemination, unfortunately a large sector of the population does not show interest in these issues, so they prefer to ignore it. That is why we must resort to the inclusion of the population from early stages, and thus permeate the new generations, the results will not be immediate, but will pay off.



What do you think about the current economic situation in Mexico?

Despite the national political and economic scenario, I see many opportunities for growth for Mexico . We are a country with competitive advantages in the tourism sector, it is time to enhance our products with other markets and take advantage of the disorder that is looming in the White House, many countries will do it, we why not.


Finally, tell us about your favorite movie about financial issues and why.

My favorite film is Margin Call, because it shows the consequences of poor management in Risk Management and Internal Control. Many financial entities conceive the Integral Risk Management Unit (UAIIR) as an expense or a luxury; although it is true, they are not business areas, but they are a shield for the capital of the Institution and an added value for shareholders, fundraisers and rating agencies.

Mónica González, has a degree in Economics from the Higher School of Economics of the National Polytechnic Institute.

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