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Self-financing is also a women’s thing

Self-financing is also a women’s thing

The number of self-employed workers increased by 0’7% during the month of June , as reflected in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA). The data show a greater growth of the sector within the feminine gender than in the masculine one. In general, being autonomous is in itself more complicated than occupying a salaried position, among many other things when it comes to obtaining financing for self-employed workers . However, it is now possible to find loans for self-employed workers that can help these professionals get the capital they need.

Loans for freelancers who do not discriminate

One in three self-employed workers at the end of 2016 were women , according to the National Federation of Autonomous Workers (ATA). This supposes an increase of this sort in the entrepreneurial professional activities, since the females have surpassed the levels previous to the crisis. Setting up our own business is not easy and if we add to this the role of women in society, it can be considered that it has even more merit. One of the main obstacles encountered by self-employed people is finding financing for self-employed workers, since the income of these professionals is not always as regular as that of salaried persons.

However, if we have a business that needs an economic injection to reform it, to expand it or to buy necessary material, we can resort to autonomous loans that allow us to raise capital of up to 50,000 euros as we will see below:

Loan Max. Cost Term I’m interested
Cetelem Personal Loan € 50,000 From 6.95% TIN (7.18% APR) From 3 months to 8 years Apply for
Cofidis Project Credit € 15,000 From 4.95% TIN (5.06% APR) From 12 months to 6 years Apply for

Before resorting to these loans for freelancers we have to have something clear, they are personal loans, which means that we will ask for the money as individuals and not as a company. With the capital that we request, as long as we justify and demonstrate what we want it for and that we are capable of returning it, we can use it for the purpose we want . In fact, financing for professionals on their own can be for personal purposes , it simply means that they are granted to people without a payroll to use if they have sufficient, stable and justifiable income.

Normally, this type of workers prefer to go to the bank as a first option when they need liquidity, probably due to habit and because there is usually more room for negotiation, but these entities that we have just seen do not have to put obstacles to get credits for self-employed if We show that we have the solvency to repay the loan. In addition, one of the advantages of this financing is that they will not charge opening or study fees , nor will we have to change banks.

Credits for self-employed who want to undertake

Since the economic crisis erupted in Spain in 2008, the number of women who are registered as self-employed workers has risen by almost two percentage points , according to the ATA report mentioned above. These data show that this genre has recovered and improved its role in the entrepreneurial sector, unlike the masculine one, which is still below its pre-recession figures.

As we have already mentioned, getting financing for self-employed does not mean that we are going to allocate it to start or push a project, but if we need capital for a specific purpose like this, we also have other options such as public aid. In addition, in the case that we are female entrepreneurs, we have the possibility of accessing the Women’s Business Support Program (PAEM) organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, which focuses on providing support and information and advising on the search for financing for our business.

This type of grants and programs encourage the insertion of women into the labor world and especially so that this sector of the population can be in charge of new companies. This is important because it reflects that in our country we continue advancing in gender equality, which we can also verify with statistics that show that in Spain the number of autonomous women exceeds the European average . In order to continue paving the way for professionals on their own, we must continue to offer facilities for access to self-financing. In this way, we will be balancing the possibilities of all kinds of genres and all kinds of profiles of workers.

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