Financial Problems

Recent survey: Women have their finances under control

Anyone who believes that women can handle money worse than men is wrong. At least experts who need to know that say: According to a recent forsa survey commissioned by CosmosDirekt, most men believe that their wife is competent in terms of finances & Co.

Women can not resist a shoe pair and often spend more than planned. Clichés that their husbands can not confirm: 93 percent give their better half a good record in terms of finances. This is shown by a representative forsa survey of 1,000 adults living in a partnership. And also as far as the consumerism of women is concerned, prejudices have become obsolete: If they have money left, most people do not necessarily have a fancy pair of pumps in the first place on their wish list: If they want to treat themselves to something, they are most likely to spend money on smaller ones Traveling out (60 percent). In second place are cultural events such as theater visits or concerts (46 percent). Shoes are much lower on the wish list (23 percent).

Every fifth couple argues about money
When it comes to managing finances, equality and individual responsibility are required: half (49 percent) of all couples share this task with their partner. Most of all, 28 percent of all women have their wallet and their own account. In every fifth respondent (20 percent), the man cares mainly about the finances. But not only women, men also give the scepter out of hand: 15 percent leave it to their own statement of the partner to regulate financial matters. But no matter who manages the household, dispute is not enough: every fifth couple (18 percent) often argues about the finances.

Deficits in old-age provision
However, women are not in all financial areas with their husband at eye level. When it comes to retirement, the men see deficits with their partner: More than one in four (27 percent) believes that he does more for his pension than his wife. An assessment that is shared by women: 56 percent of women are worried that they have not paid enough for old age. Silke Barth from CosmosDirekt advises: “The partner is not a retirement plan that you should rely on.” “Ideal for women are precautionary models that can be adapted to individual needs and with which they remain flexible.” For example, with CosmosDirekt’s flexible provision, women benefit from long-term guaranteed interest rates. But you do not have to commit yourself permanently, but you can have your money available on a monthly basis, at no extra cost. The offer also guarantees maximum security. In addition, the expert recommends: “Women who want to secure state support, are well advised with a Riester pension.” It gives an annual allowance of up to 154 euros, mothers receive for each child 185 euros extra, the offspring was born in 2008 or later, it is even 300 euros.

When money is left in the household, women are the most likely to spend money on:

  • smaller trips (60 percent)
  • cultural activities (46 percent)
  • Clothing (43 percent)
  • Restaurant visits (38 percent)
  • Furnishings (33 percent)
  • the car (23 percent)
  • Shoes (23 percent)
  • Sporting activities (22 percent)
  • Consumer electronics (19 percent)

If money is left in the household, men are most likely to spend money on:

  • smaller trips (68 percent)
  • cultural activities (49 percent)
  • Restaurant visits (49 percent)
  • Clothing (36 percent)
  • Furnishings (34 percent)
  • sports activities (29 percent)
  • Consumer electronics (29 percent)
  • the car (27 percent)
  • Shoes (17 percent)

The most common occasions for dispute in partnerships at a glance:

  • too little time together (28 percent)
  • the distribution of tasks in the household (27 percent)
  • parenting (22 percent)
  • leisure activities (22 percent)
  • too little attention of the partner (21 percent)
  • Finance (18 percent)
  • the relationship and the love life (10 percent)
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