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Now you can earn money by hanging your looks in the new “fashion Instagram”

Now you can earn money by hanging your looks in the new ‘fashion Instagram’

If you had to look for an error to Instagram , in the fashion world, this would be unable to put links. You can imagine how comfortable it would be to put a direct access to the online store where to find the item or accessory in question and be able to buy it at the moment … Well this is now possible with a new application that was born in Barcelona and is revolutionizing the world fashion , 21 buttons . “In two months in the Apple store and a week in the Android we have achieved a total of 45,000 downloads,” says Lali Verges, marketing manager of the company. The output of the application on Android is having a very good reception because “many people wrote to us asking when it would be available,” he adds.

And what’s so special about 21 buttons?

Adding the possibility of putting several links -or buttons , as they call them- in a photograph of a look is a great advance. But not the only one. Any user who hangs a photo and who manages to sell a piece of clothing through the label that he has placed will take an economic commission, which can be charged at any time in a very simple way in the same app, through PayPal, without needing create an account there. “If a sale is made, we charge the brand and pay a percentage to the person in the profile where it was purchased. This percentage is always variable because it is not the same to buy in a multinational company as in a small brand “, explains 21-button co-founder and CEO Marc Soler. “The idea is that anyone can upload a photo in which you can label a garment and that person earns money for it,” he adds. But he makes it clear that “21buttons does not sell anything, it’s always the clothing brand, we’re not a store.”

Can I put the link to any online store?

“We have a technology department that what it does is create robots of different brands, for now in Spain, and if you label a piece of clothing of those in particular, which we have made the robot, you get a super complete information : the prices, the description, the colors, the material, if it is on offer, “explains Soler. In the case of a brand that has not yet been made this robot, “you can tag it but you will not get as much information, although you can add it yourself,” he adds.

This application also has a system with which you keep the labels in case you repeat garments and so you do not have to look for them each time. In addition, with certain brands, there is the possibility of scanning the garment’s barcode and detecting it through it. If there is something that is not seasonal, many times what you do is look for something very similar, putting a comment indicating that it is ‘similar’, to make it clear that it is not the same.

Bethlehem Hostalet, Peep Toes, Goicoechea, Gigi Vives, Coco Constans … They are just some of the names that have already signed up for this new application with which they can also earn money. “We do not pay the bloggers, their benefits come from their sales, but we do agreements to hang photos and if there is a promotion we will do with them”, explains the marketing manager.

Although the influencers are a great claim, there are a lot of anonymous people who hang their looks . In fact, right now the application has 40% of people between 14 and 25 years old. And the rest are men and elderly people, from 25 years to 45 years old at most. “We want to promote all kinds of ages, we even have girls who are mothers,” specifies Verges. “We do not want it to be just a tool for bloggers and instagramers. We want it to be a tool for anyone. 95% of the people we have are not famous instagramers and upload photos every day, “he says.

One way to find new users to follow is by using Discover, which works “with an algorithm that detects those that create more content, have more activity and are the ones that offer you as possible to follow it. At the beginning we also suggest certain instagramers that are famous on Instagram and that you can also find them on 21 buttons so that you will not find it difficult to find them. We already detect that you follow them and we suggest them, “explains Lali Verges.

Did you say something Instagram?

“We have not received any comments from Instagram. We are not afraid of being told anything for a reason: 7% or 8% of users who are on Instagram are there to see fashion photos, so they will never develop a labeling system, which is our key, to that people who like fashion can label, “argues Soler. Because, they believe, they are always going to bet on “fashion, we are not going to put other products”.

And the brands, what is your opinion?

“What brands tell us is that for the first time they have a tool that would help them measure what prescribers are really contributing to them. Because they in Instagram may be paying a figure for a post but do not know what is returning that investment in money, “specifies the CEO of 21 buttons. “With our app they pay what they really sell. What companies want is a return and they will have it with us. It’s a way to justify the figures in their marketing departments, “he adds.

Right now companies like Mango or Bershka have already been interested in this new application, although for now they are getting to know it. “Although in the sector they already know us, because the influencers use us. In Berskha they have created a profile and hang their own photos, “says Verges.

The future

This company of young Catalan entrepreneurs, formed by about 16 people with an average age of 25 years, has been present in the most important catwalks in the country, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid and the 080 Barcelona Fashion. “Both in the 080 and in Cibeles we have been the first fashion and technology start-up in history, and in Madrid they want us to return in September. They see the future and they have welcomed us very well “, explains Lali Verges.

His most immediate intention is to consolidate Spain, “since we are a very pioneering country in fashion, with brands such as Inditex or Mango”, Marc Soler determines. But his future plans go much further: “We want to expand to other countries, because a social network makes more sense if it is around the world. In two or three months we want to be in European countries where fashion has a notable presence, both in terms of online sales and the emergence of influencers , such as Italy, France, UK and Germany. Then we want to reach the United States, Australia and some other countries in Europe, “he concludes.

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