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More and more women prostitute themselves to have income, especially university

More and more women prostitute themselves to have income, especially university

It is an open secret among paid sex professionals and the NGOs that assist them in the street. More and more women are forced to make a living by prostituting themselves . A resource by which they choose from housewives to all kinds of professionals as waitresses, administrative or licensed . Doctors of the World explains that the crisis has increased the number of prostitutes by 15% in Madrid alone.

Prostitution has also become the escape route for many university students who do not have the money to pay for their studies. “Some time ago I receive many inquiries from girls who want to enter this world because their parents can no longer help them . Others, even they do to support their families , ” says 20 minutes Concha Borrel, President of the Association of Sex Professionals . “We have between 20 and 30 university graduates, a few years ago there were only two or three,” said a popular online prostitute agency.

Sofia, Ana and Laia

He had been in college for six months when he learned that his father had been fired. “I had been without work for almost two years, they told me because they could not pay me rent for the apartment, ” explains Sofía, a 25-year-old from Madrid . The news forced her to find a solution: “I worked as a waitress, a distributor, teaching … I needed more money, I had to pay tuition, flat, books, food, help my parents and the landlady did not trust me for another month. “

It allows me to study and pay the mortgage on my family’s house Without consulting anyone, one night he decided to take the step. ” I went to an agency and they took some pictures, and two days later they called me to tell me if I wanted to do a service and I said yes,” recalls the 25-year-old. Since then, and that’s almost a year ago, between four and five services a week. About 3,000 euros per month . “It allows me to study and pay the mortgage on my family’s house.” Sofia confesses that this is not her name. “My family thinks I work in an expensive club in Madrid, but if they smell something, they prefer not to ask, I prefer it to be that way, when I finish my degree and find a job, I’ll do as if it had not happened.”

“They call me shattered”

A reality very similar to that of Ana, a young Sevillian . She also practices prostitution behind her family’s back . Her parents cut her monthly allowance because things were not going well for her and she chose to prostitute herself. Before it was in several jobs, but ended up leaving. “I was tired of paying tuition, flat … and suspend because I did not have time to study.”

Ana has been prostituting herself for almost two years now and believes that when she finishes her career it will be hard for her to leave . She says that with the crisis there are jobs that are very poorly paid and that she earns 2,000 euros without much effort . What he is most afraid of is that his parents find out. “I do not think they’ll forgive me, they call me from time to time to ask if I need anything and I lie to them.” I tell them I’m pulling, that my salary has gone up a little or that I have given extra private lessons.

I combined the work in the super and the scort Laia, a young woman from Barcelona, ​​has been working for more than a year as a scort (paid companion). Tired of living drowned with the salary she earned as a cashier she decided to prostitute herself. “At first I combined the work in the super and the scort , but soon I realized that it did not compensate”. Laia wants to finish her studies, although she admits that she does not believe that she leaves prostitution .

Not only women have been forced to resort to prostitution because of the crisis. Also some men. “It’s a shame, most of them do not like men and they do it because they have to help their family, they call me shattered, they vent on me because they do not tell anyone,” Concha Borrel confesses.

How many prostitutes are there?

The answer is complicated. Several studies speak of a fork that ranges between 300,000 and 400,000 prostitutes . The first information with these figures dates back to 1997. Now it is difficult to know the real number and differentiate between women who exercise forced prostitution and those who do it compulsorily. The Civil Guard conducts studies of women working in road clubs, between 15,000 and 20,000; and the last report of the Ombudsman (presented a few weeks ago) number in 14,000 forced women . As for the organized groups dedicated to prostitution, in 2010 17 were dismantled and in 2011.

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