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How is the relationship of women with money and finances?

How is the relationship of women with finances and money? Are there differences today with respect to man?

I tell you my experience. Currently I am an expert in training people, families and the self-employed to have a good relationship with money and achieve healthy finances . I started very young, with 19 years, to work in a Financial Entity, a world classically dominated by men, with a mentality towards money very different from that of women. We entered by opposition several compañeras and that fact had value then, because it was a world traditionally attended by men. Currently the presence of women in companies, banks and savings banks is widespread.

How did we feel? On the one hand, there was great curiosity about this silent invasion of women in the financial field. On the other hand, we felt some rejection. Some of our colleagues openly expressed their disagreement that women who “should have been in their homes” and “leave jobs for men” had been given the opportunity! as it had always been done!

But the labor revolution had long since begun in the world, especially in the most advanced countries. Women, definitely, we had prepared and trained in schools and universities to occupy a space in the social and work environment. So my classmates and I were making ourselves known for being hardworking, serious, fulfilling, effective. In addition, we are discreet, in the background, away from the ambitions of promotion that showed the male partners.

Since that time my professional career in Banking and Savings Banks has been developed to hold management positions and to know widely the complex financial world. What do I value most about this stage? I have had the opportunity to meet thousands of people and discover their patterns of how they relate to money and finances. Throughout my personal and professional experience I have understood what are the emotional difficulties that prevent people from accessing a wealth mentality. Now I share my knowledge with people in a practical way.


What difficulties do women have, even today, in the economic sphere?

Women, especially those from the rural world or with little culture, have difficulties in mastering finances. The “patterns” or roles of man and woman were once very defined. The contribution of income to the household, historically, has corresponded to man. The woman was responsible for the upbringing and care of the house. Understanding bank statements, card contracts, loans, financial products and all the extensive bank terminology has been difficult for women.

How has this lack of financial education influenced women?

If the woman has decided to start a business, it has been difficult to develop a business plan that includes the essential pillars for its viability: Product, Marketing, Marketing, Financing, Sales Channels.

Key # 1: Women still need to strengthen their knowledge in the area of ​​finance, know the financial and banking terminology, know how to prepare a business plan and foresee its viability. The benefits are important: They will feel more secure, they can focus on the specialty they have. Finances will no longer be a problem but a resource to be managed.

Does it cost women to exercise their leadership in economic issues?

Oh, so many years occupying a second place in society leaves a mark on women! Women have been occupying positions in society and exercising responsibilities, albeit at the cost of enormous personal effort to fulfill the best in work, at home, with family and children. The reconciliation of personal and professional life is a pending issue in our country.

So many open fronts, coupled with the lack of support from governments, has made women choose in many cases to occupy more discreet jobs, to deal with family businesses, trying to maintain the difficult balance of exercising business leadership with the role of wives, mothers and daughters.

Key No. 2 : Women should promote policies to reconcile personal and professional life that allow us to have an economic, social and educational coverage essential in the years of upbringing and education of children. In this way, when the woman does not have on herself the greater part of responsibility in the raising and care of the home, she will be able to concentrate also on the professional development, exerting the leadership that is her own.

“At this point, despite the fact that 60% of graduates are women and have the best records, there is still no effective correspondence between that preparation and their presence in the management positions. “Women represent a great talent potential for companies, which is already evident in their excellent academic records and their results in competitive examinations and first years of professional career, which can not be wasted. It would be very effective to promote, from civil society, more than from public institutions, a platform with broad support that aims to boost the use of female talent in business and productive activity “.

Disturbing: “that presence is not stable and significantly recedes with any wind of crisis.” Source: # The manager woman in Spain

In summary, I think there is still a very large gap in the occupation of women in management positions, especially in the economic area. In my opinion, women, by our values, exercise an important benefit in the productive society. We are more prudent in the assumption of risks, tend to think about the team or set of social and economic needs for our education as “carers”. Except for exceptions, of course! Leadership, professional development and good relationship with money are related. We have much to do. Each of us, with training, knowledge and experience, we are moving forward from our workplace, from our company.

What do you think?

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