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Financial tips for World Women’s Day: so you remain independent even in old age

Much of what makes the world better is due to women. On March 8, International Women’s Day, people in many languages ​​say thank you. CosmosDirekt recommends women on this occasion, even to think of themselves! For example, in retirement.

Multitasking, it is often heard, is more of a female talent. And in fact: A woman who is in the midst of life often finds herself in the balancing act between work, family and her own goals. “Especially young women displace the topic of long-term retirement provision,” says Silke Barth, prevention expert from CosmosDirekt. “Only later do many realize that the statutory pension will not be sufficient in old age.” Women often have lower pension entitlements than men because they have paid less contributions throughout their working lives. The reasons are that they are more likely to take parental leave, choose part-time work, or – in many jobs still common – earn less than men.

How women can save today for their pension
With the increase in the mother’s pension, the state will make a contribution to supplementing the pensions of women from this year. So far, one mother has received only one salary point for each child born before 1992. From July, two years of education, each with one salary point, will be credited per child. With the Riester pension and the basic pension, the state also promotes private pensions. A Riester contract can be concluded by all those who are compulsorily insured in the statutory pension insurance. The state also grants savers and tax benefits during parental leave and part-time jobs. Even those who have to make short calculations in times of low incomes can take precautions for their retirement: With flexible retirement products, contributions can be adjusted at any time, if more or less money is available.

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