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Equality between men and women: the government unveils its plan of attack

+ VIDEO. Fifty measures, much of which had been announced in recent weeks, were presented this Thursday at an interdepartmental council.

The government unveiled this Thursday morning, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, its plan of attack for gender equality. In total, about fifty measures, much of which had been announced in recent weeks.

The current context of “liberation of the word of women” and listening to this word “must allow us to make even faster progress” to “meet the urgency and be up to the stakes,” said Edward Philippe at the end of an Interministerial Council, which was symbolically held at the Curie Museum in Paris. An envelope of 420 million euros is planned to implement this plan.

Involvement of the whole society

Gender equality will be the priority of the agenda of the French presidency of the G7 in 2019, announced the Prime Minister, who also wanted the public services to be “exemplary” with “more balanced appointments on management jobs of State “.

He also called on the whole society to get involved. “Promoting the culture of equality between women and men will not be achieved only through official statements, ex cathedra speeches at school,” he said. “All those who have something to say in society must grasp it,” he said, citing teachers, artists, and “all cultural production for youth” .


Believing that “everything starts at school” because it is “at the beginning of the process of socialization that we must fight against sexist prejudices” , Edouard Philippe confirmed that a “referent equality would be appointed in each school” from of the autumn of 2019. To develop the mix of trades, the objective is to have in higher education 40% of girls in the scientific sectors by 2020.

Equal pay

Regarding professional equality, the government announced Wednesday that companies with more than 50 employees with “unjustified” gender pay gaps will be punished from 2022 with a financial penalty of up to 1% of their mass. wage. This measure will be included in the law on social reforms (unemployment insurance, apprenticeship, vocational training) that Muriel Pénicaud must submit to the Council of Ministers at the end of April.

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