15 tips to improve the economy of women

Most women have to manage money, be it personal money or the money in their home. This handling of money can turn into a nightmare if it is not managed in the best way.

What better gift for a woman to help her in her economy?

With these tips we hope to help all women who want to improve their personal finances.

  1. Saving is essential to improve your economy and that in the future you can acquire what you need without having to go into debt.
  2. Have financial independence, make sure it is only you who manages your money.
  3. Create a budget and organize all the income and expenses that you know you have in each month.
  4. If you have some extra income, it’s the right money to save!
  5. Do not have debts without first being clear that you can pay them in the agreed time. Also inform yourself in advance of all additional costs.
  6. Do not have outstanding accounts, pay everything a day. The more you delay in paying for things, the more money you will spend on interest.
  7. Have a health insurance that specifically covers situations that may happen to women (breast cancer, pregnancy, among others).
  8. Invest in the future, save to buy a house or a business that will help you in your retirement from work, you can also quote to have a pension.
  9. Women tend to get carried away by discounts, keep in mind that many times discounts make you spend more of the money you have and do not buy things you really need.
  10. Access discounts as long as you are completely sure that what you buy will be more an investment than an expense.
  11. Choose to download an application in which you can take all the management of your finances and make an adequate follow-up of the money.
  12. Clothing for women is very important, in this case you have to be careful and not overspend, for example, if you have an event in which you have to use a dress and you already have a dress, try not to buy a new one. Also among friends you can help with clothes, lending what they need.
  13. Did you know that there are applications in which you can sell clothes that you no longer use? Use these applications to have additional income.
  14. Try to pay memberships for a year or several months, many times you will see a discount compared to paying a month and it is an account that you only pay once and you can rest assured that you will not pay it back in months.
  15. The big expenses that you can have try to make them in the months that you have less expenses. These you can take into account in the annual budget.

Women’s Day: know your rights

Day-of-the-woman-knows-your-rights-as-worker The role of women today is indisputable. Your contribution to a more egalitarian and free society is key in the formation of a just humanity and that it seeks the best opportunities for all the human beings that inhabit the Earth. It is sad to see that there are still places where women’s guarantees are not respected.

It is even sadder to see that even in our country, women live in conditions other than men. The insecurity for them is greater, the harassment in the streets is daily and if that was not enough, the feminicide rate is on the rise.

How to achieve a society in which the role of women in society is increasingly respected?

The first thing that has to be left behind is the idea that women are only responsible for housework and mothers of children. Women are much more than that. They are workers and contribute to the economic development of the countries in which they have integrated into the labor market. Women can and do manage.

Therefore, on International Women’s Day the essential thing is not to congratulate your friends, of course it is valid, but the ideal would be that together they begin to recognize their rights and ensure respect for them. At least in the role that the law demands, women in Mexico have their rights guaranteed.

History tells us that this day came about because, in 1857, the workers of the “Cotton” textile factory in New York, United States, went on strike demanding a more fair workday and wages. When the police appeared to confront them, he displayed force and imposition, striking and killing several of them.

As if that were not enough, the owner of the factory decided to confine the women who remained alive and set fire to the premises, all of them burned to death. This hate crime was the reason why years later this day was established for the recognition of women not only in their work role, but in the formation of democratic societies.

Although, since years ago, women have been involved in the workplace, this participation has not been recognized as such. The conquest of rights until now has been little by little and at least in Mexico the right to vote is already a fact, or the right to paid work as well. However, there are still some conquests to be made.

In our country, the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States and the Federal Labor Law govern the principles of labor coexistence for men and women. The employers must know that ignorance of these conditions does not release their compliance, and therefore they must ensure at all times to comply with the provisions of current legislation.

Women’s labor rights

According to Dr. Patricia Kurczyn Villalobos, “the rights of working women are the legal norms focused on the protection of their health, education, dignity and development, as well as the protection of motherhood in relation to the woman herself and the product of the same”.

These rights must be protected by different rules depending on whether they are working relationships between individuals, an individual or a government agency. As we have already indicated, the Constitution establishes the right to equality, and derived from it, are the rights of working women.

However, any social guarantee must protect and protect the rights of working women who enjoy rights of their own sex based on factors such as equality of working conditions, and salary but also in correspondence with motherhood, responsibilities on the Parenting and family care.

Currently, it is promoted that family responsibilities should be shared by men and women so that parents also have the right to have a license to take care of a sick child, and in this way take part in the family.

It is important to highlight that the labor rights that women currently enjoy are not a privilege as has been thought. The defense of equal rights does not imply the creation of privileges for a given group, in fact, the differences in treatment that are stipulated for women in some cases are intended to protect them.

For example, women have the right to protect motherhood as a biological process and that is why they can have a work permit when they are about to have their child. The rights to care for maternity would not be privileges but a defense of the reproduction function of the human being.

The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women of the United Nations established a document in 1981 stipulating that all forms of discrimination will be considered violence against women. Mexico participated as a signatory to this document, which is why it must abide by the following principles:

  • Women should have the same rights as men with respect to opportunities, career choice, employment, safety, benefits and job training.
  • The right to equal remuneration and treatment for the work they perform, and compensation equal to that of a man.
  • The right to protection of health at work, as well as the safeguarding of reproductive rights.
  • Discrimination around pregnancy, maternity leave, and marital status is prohibited.
  • In addition, they are entitled to basic benefits such as childcare for their children, social services that allow combining family life with work, and participation in public life.

Our country is also a signatory of the Inter-American Convention on the Prevention, Punishment and Eradication of Violence against Women of 1998. This document establishes, in Article 4 that “every woman has the right to the recognition, enjoyment, exercise and protection of all human rights and the freedoms enshrined in regional and international instruments on human rights. “

In this way women have the right to have their lives, freedom, personal safety, equal protection before the law, freedom of association, a life free of violence, and freedom from all forms of discrimination respected.

The most important thing as a woman is that you know that you have the right to be valued and educated free of stereotyped patterns of behavior and social and cultural practices based on concepts of inferiority and subordination.

The rights of women are extensive to all social areas. In Mexico, we have institutions such as the National Institute for Women that helps you guarantee your rights and instruments such as the General Law of Equality between Women and Men (LGIMH) which establishes the obligation of the authorities to guarantee the principle of substantive equality between women and men in the field of employment.

The General Law on Women’s Access to a Life Free of Violence (LGAMVLV) that establishes the prohibition of workplace violence constituted by the illegal refusal to hire the victim or respect their permanence or general working conditions; the disqualification of the work done, threats, intimidation, humiliation, exploitation, the impediment to women from carrying out the breastfeeding period provided for in the law, and all types of discrimination based on gender, as well as harassment and sexual harassment.

The Federal Labor Law (LFT) which establishes the guidelines to promote inclusion and substantive equality in Mexico. And finally, the Federal Law to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination (LFPED), which is harmonized with human rights contained in international treaties ratified by the Mexican State, establishing that any discrimination based on ethnic or national origin, gender, age is prohibited , disability, social and health condition, religion, opinions, sexual preferences, marital status or any other that violates human dignity and has the purpose of nullifying or diminishing the rights and freedoms of the people.

All these instruments are the guarantee of your rights. Know them and make them count when it is the case. Never allow yourself to be discriminated against or raped for being a woman, and if that happens, denounce it, tell it to your loved ones and learn to transmit the message of equality among your acquaintances.

Telematics Tariffs: Driving style determines premium

Soon, the insurer could become a constant passenger in many cars on German roads: The new telematics tariffs of car insurance companies are about to make a breakthrough. The individual driving style will determine the amount of the premium for car insurance in the future. Above all, prudent drivers and novice drivers could benefit from discounts on this model.

The car insurance landscape in Germany could go through a digital revolution in the near future. As part of the planned telematics tariffs , German motorists can voluntarily be monitored by their insurers. The driving behavior is recorded technically and the individual driving profile is included in the premium calculation . According to a report of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), the major German insurance companies are currently working on the introduction of new tariffs for motor insurance.

Telematics tariffs are facing a breakthrough in Germany

While so-called “pay as you drive” tariffs have already been offered abroad for some time, German auto insurers are only just about to break through when it comes to telematics tariffs. So far, Sparkassen DirektVersicherung and Signal Iduna’s Sijox Versicherung have only two providers of “pay as you drive” – ​​but their offerings are aimed at a limited target group. Experts estimate that the monitoring in the car for premium calculation in this country, however, will quickly establish itself as soon as major insurers such as Allianz or HUK Coburg start with it. The two companies are, according to “FAZ”, the largest car insurers in Germany with a total of around 18 million customers in the motor vehicle division.

Drivers can benefit from telematics premium calculation

Using specially installed monitoring boxes in the car , important data such as acceleration and braking distances are recorded and then transmitted to the insurer. In the future, smartphones should make the telematics tariffs possible. Especially novice drivers could benefit from this “pay as you drive” principle. So far drivers license newcomers usually enter the motor insurance with the damage class 0, which means an insurance contribution of about 240 percent of the normal premium. However, if the young drivers use a telematics tariff, they can demonstrate a prudent driving style and thus achieve a discount without many years of damage-free travel. “With the Telematics Tariff, we are making a contribution to road safety , especially for young drivers,” emphasizes Alexander Vollert, board member of Allianz, in an interview with the “FAZ”.

Insurance companies hope for competitive advantages

Many providers expect competitive advantages from the new telematics tariffs. After all, supervised drivers could be offered tariffs that are as accurate as possible, based on the customer’s individual risk of damage – and ultimately cheaper for him than the offers of the competition.

Almost every second person would be able to install a telematics box

The fact that the insurers plan to monitor the driving behavior of the Germans in the future as a passenger does not seem to unsettle them in the hope of low insurance premiums . A survey by CreditPlus Bank showed that 43 percent of German motorists would be willing to have a corresponding monitoring box installed in their car. The German “pay as you drive” pioneer Sparkassen-Direkt-Versicherung promotes the installation of boxes with rewards in the form of discounts on the annual subscription . The savings promised to customers seem so attractive that some insurers already have telematics box waiting lists .

Privacy advocates, however, are skeptical about the development in car insurance. Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) warns in an interview with the “Handelsblatt” that there must always be an “off button” so insured persons can always autonomously decide on the use of their data.

What really matters to you Interview with Mónica Gonzalez from GRC Business & Lifestyle

Health and money. What really matters to you Interview with Mónica Gonzalez from GRC Business & Lifestyle

We spoke with Mónica Gonzalez , Director of GRC Bussiness & Lifestyle , specialist in the implementation of wellness programs. He shares his opinion on the importance of maintaining physical and financial health; The reflections on which this interview borders us are significant, forcing us to rethink our lifestyle and the importance of finding a balance between the two things that matter to us: Money and health … Or will it be health and money?





Tell us a little about yourself and how you started in the financial sector

My first contact was in Bancomer, and there I verified the disconnection that exists between the academic and the work world. I did not last long, since I combined work with school, and given the time it required, it made it difficult for me to attend classes. Last semester, I had the opportunity to work for a Brazilian company, which gave me the opportunity to know Sao Paulo and that’s where my vision to do business was born.


You could share the readers of Rankia What is GRC?

GRC is the initiative to enrich daily practice in financial institutions. First, by generating spaces where experienced executives, who manage and face diverse problems day by day, share their knowledge and experiences; We do not intend to bring together senior executives who, although they dominate the subject, limit themselves to reporting activities, we want real people solving real problems, also promoting networking. This is a T2G Training2Grow Forum, which we are programming in Mexico, Colombia and Panama in a first stage.

The above is consolidated with BusinessTraining, through courses and seminars that certify the skills of executives in the field of Integral Risk Management for banks and financial entities. In addition we seek the approach with Universities, because we want to strengthen the link that enables the graduates to add added value, it is good to know the theory, but you have to reinforce the practice and it is something that they suffer equally, public or private universities.

Finally, we like to be in contact with people, so the idea of ​​Business & Lifesyle emerged, an e-magazine with business content, finance, markets and lifestyle. It is a project that is already alive for now in beta, and is reserved for next year; I can tell you that we want to take advantage of the experience of the population over 40 years old, who after that age suffer in the labor market due to the lack of opportunities, so we are going to privilege the collaborations of people with this profile, as well as those professionals with some disability


In your opinion, Mexicans, what do we prioritize first? Money or health?

I am Mexican, and I can say that health is not a priority in my country. We are the number one worldwide with more obese population and a high rate of diabetics. The population knows that this is not good for their health, but money for other purposes. It is curious, because money is not prioritized either, we are not characterized by an adequate financial culture that privileges savings and investment, the majority of the population lives “daily”.



We already know that Mexico occupies the first places in obesity worldwide. This problem What impact does this have on people’s personal finances?

The immediate impact, no doubt, is in health services, which tend to be high because the population goes to the doctor only when their condition is very deteriorated, but not for prevention. But there are other elements that are not considered, such as low labor productivity that impacts the salary, penalties for absences and delays; a high expenditure on food, because contrary to what is thought, eating bad costs more than eating healthy.

To this the collateral damages are added, because if the person who suffers from conditions related to obesity and overweight, does not have the economic capacity to correct their medical expenses, their relatives will have to do it. Even worse, if the person dies, leaves unprotected your economic dependents.



How does this public health problem affect government finances in Mexico?

A sustained upward trend in public spending allocated to the health sector, which despite the efforts does not yield the desired results. An obese adult and child population prevents the government from making a more efficient allocation of resources. I can tell you, I would like to know that the taxes I pay are being used in exchange scholarships for outstanding students, instead of treatments for people who are negligent with their personal care. It sounds hard, but we live a culture of minimum effort, they are not interested in eating well, they do not like to exercise, but we must all assume a part of the indirectly generated cost.


What is your opinion on the concept of “financial health”?

Financial health is synonymous with prosperity. Achieve this status when in addition to generating wealth, you are able to achieve a positive impact and an economic benefit in your closest circle, better still have the possibility of supporting causes in favor of the most vulnerable.


The financial culture in Mexico is very limited, in your opinion What could be done in the short term to generate a change on this topic?

I think it is very important to incorporate into the current curricula a subject for the promotion of financial culture. The information is available to the general public, Condusef has done a great job of dissemination, unfortunately a large sector of the population does not show interest in these issues, so they prefer to ignore it. That is why we must resort to the inclusion of the population from early stages, and thus permeate the new generations, the results will not be immediate, but will pay off.



What do you think about the current economic situation in Mexico?

Despite the national political and economic scenario, I see many opportunities for growth for Mexico . We are a country with competitive advantages in the tourism sector, it is time to enhance our products with other markets and take advantage of the disorder that is looming in the White House, many countries will do it, we why not.


Finally, tell us about your favorite movie about financial issues and why.

My favorite film is Margin Call, because it shows the consequences of poor management in Risk Management and Internal Control. Many financial entities conceive the Integral Risk Management Unit (UAIIR) as an expense or a luxury; although it is true, they are not business areas, but they are a shield for the capital of the Institution and an added value for shareholders, fundraisers and rating agencies.

Mónica González, has a degree in Economics from the Higher School of Economics of the National Polytechnic Institute.

Style Icon – Armor and Weapon Skins

Since the feature patch of April 15, 2014, there is the success style icon in the game. In this success, you have to collect 1,000 unique skins for the wardrobe. For this you get the title Fashion Collector .

This guide is meant to help you get some of these unique skins as cheaply as possible. This is where Karma Traders, Armor Dealers, and Personal History sections are listed, giving you special skins.


If you are not sure if you own a skin that you see at a dealer, you can look it up in the item description. If Skin is locked there , it means that you do not have this skin yet.

Airbnb: Advantages and disadvantages of the fashion app

Airbnb: Advantages and disadvantages of the fashion app

Airbnb is the private rental platform for apartments, rooms, shared rooms, rural houses, flats, chalets, villas … the most important that exists worldwide. Since its beginning in November 2008, the growth of this portal has been almost exponential and more and more travelers are opting for this option when looking for accommodation.

If you have not yet tried it, then we review the main advantages and disadvantages of the platform.

Advantages of Airbnb

  1. It is much cheaper than a hotel and offers much more freedom.
  2. Maximum confidence in the reservation . Many people are afraid of being scammed when booking a private accommodation online. With Airbnb this fear disappears, since the web offers the evaluations of the previous tenants. Be careful, guests are also evaluated. In addition, Airbnb acts as an intermediary in the payments, which brings a lot of confidence to the transaction.
  3. Accommodations for all tastes . It does not matter what type of accommodation you are looking for: sure Airbnb has it. From houses in the countryside to flats in the city, passing by villas on the beachfront, modern studios, luxury villas and even the odd castle.
  4. A different experience Airbnb offers us a genuine experience that a hotel will never offer us. Staying in a private house we will experience the warmth of that home, that family and that neighborhood. No hotel chain can bring an emotion similar to this.

Disadvantages of Airbnb

  1. The freshness of Airbnb becomes, in turn, its biggest drawback. The quality standards for the hosts are much more flexible and we will never receive the professional treatment of a hotel . Logically, nobody will change our sheets, wash our clothes or take our breakfast to bed.
  2. Restrictions on the arrival schedule . The arrival time is usually agreed with the host, since he has to travel to give us the keys and welcome. This situation can be a bit stressful and requires direct contact with this person if there are any unforeseen times.
  3. It is not possible to cancel the reservations and if we want to modify it (for example, extend a couple of days) the approval of the tenant is necessary.
  4. You have to go shopping . Normally, the food is not included in the accommodation, so if you do not take the food in your suitcase, as soon as you arrive at your destination you have to go to the supermarket to make the purchase, or choose to go out to eat.
  5. There is no check-out . Prior payment, in hotels it is usual to keep your bags on the last day in order to make the most of your stay. With Airbnb this option does not exist, so you may have to take your last walk on the beach with a suitcase in tow.

Now you can earn money by hanging your looks in the new “fashion Instagram”

Now you can earn money by hanging your looks in the new ‘fashion Instagram’

If you had to look for an error to Instagram , in the fashion world, this would be unable to put links. You can imagine how comfortable it would be to put a direct access to the online store where to find the item or accessory in question and be able to buy it at the moment … Well this is now possible with a new application that was born in Barcelona and is revolutionizing the world fashion , 21 buttons . “In two months in the Apple store and a week in the Android we have achieved a total of 45,000 downloads,” says Lali Verges, marketing manager of the company. The output of the application on Android is having a very good reception because “many people wrote to us asking when it would be available,” he adds.

And what’s so special about 21 buttons?

Adding the possibility of putting several links -or buttons , as they call them- in a photograph of a look is a great advance. But not the only one. Any user who hangs a photo and who manages to sell a piece of clothing through the label that he has placed will take an economic commission, which can be charged at any time in a very simple way in the same app, through PayPal, without needing create an account there. “If a sale is made, we charge the brand and pay a percentage to the person in the profile where it was purchased. This percentage is always variable because it is not the same to buy in a multinational company as in a small brand “, explains 21-button co-founder and CEO Marc Soler. “The idea is that anyone can upload a photo in which you can label a garment and that person earns money for it,” he adds. But he makes it clear that “21buttons does not sell anything, it’s always the clothing brand, we’re not a store.”

Can I put the link to any online store?

“We have a technology department that what it does is create robots of different brands, for now in Spain, and if you label a piece of clothing of those in particular, which we have made the robot, you get a super complete information : the prices, the description, the colors, the material, if it is on offer, “explains Soler. In the case of a brand that has not yet been made this robot, “you can tag it but you will not get as much information, although you can add it yourself,” he adds.

This application also has a system with which you keep the labels in case you repeat garments and so you do not have to look for them each time. In addition, with certain brands, there is the possibility of scanning the garment’s barcode and detecting it through it. If there is something that is not seasonal, many times what you do is look for something very similar, putting a comment indicating that it is ‘similar’, to make it clear that it is not the same.

Bethlehem Hostalet, Peep Toes, Goicoechea, Gigi Vives, Coco Constans … They are just some of the names that have already signed up for this new application with which they can also earn money. “We do not pay the bloggers, their benefits come from their sales, but we do agreements to hang photos and if there is a promotion we will do with them”, explains the marketing manager.

Although the influencers are a great claim, there are a lot of anonymous people who hang their looks . In fact, right now the application has 40% of people between 14 and 25 years old. And the rest are men and elderly people, from 25 years to 45 years old at most. “We want to promote all kinds of ages, we even have girls who are mothers,” specifies Verges. “We do not want it to be just a tool for bloggers and instagramers. We want it to be a tool for anyone. 95% of the people we have are not famous instagramers and upload photos every day, “he says.

One way to find new users to follow is by using Discover, which works “with an algorithm that detects those that create more content, have more activity and are the ones that offer you as possible to follow it. At the beginning we also suggest certain instagramers that are famous on Instagram and that you can also find them on 21 buttons so that you will not find it difficult to find them. We already detect that you follow them and we suggest them, “explains Lali Verges.

Did you say something Instagram?

“We have not received any comments from Instagram. We are not afraid of being told anything for a reason: 7% or 8% of users who are on Instagram are there to see fashion photos, so they will never develop a labeling system, which is our key, to that people who like fashion can label, “argues Soler. Because, they believe, they are always going to bet on “fashion, we are not going to put other products”.

And the brands, what is your opinion?

“What brands tell us is that for the first time they have a tool that would help them measure what prescribers are really contributing to them. Because they in Instagram may be paying a figure for a post but do not know what is returning that investment in money, “specifies the CEO of 21 buttons. “With our app they pay what they really sell. What companies want is a return and they will have it with us. It’s a way to justify the figures in their marketing departments, “he adds.

Right now companies like Mango or Bershka have already been interested in this new application, although for now they are getting to know it. “Although in the sector they already know us, because the influencers use us. In Berskha they have created a profile and hang their own photos, “says Verges.

The future

This company of young Catalan entrepreneurs, formed by about 16 people with an average age of 25 years, has been present in the most important catwalks in the country, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid and the 080 Barcelona Fashion. “Both in the 080 and in Cibeles we have been the first fashion and technology start-up in history, and in Madrid they want us to return in September. They see the future and they have welcomed us very well “, explains Lali Verges.

His most immediate intention is to consolidate Spain, “since we are a very pioneering country in fashion, with brands such as Inditex or Mango”, Marc Soler determines. But his future plans go much further: “We want to expand to other countries, because a social network makes more sense if it is around the world. In two or three months we want to be in European countries where fashion has a notable presence, both in terms of online sales and the emergence of influencers , such as Italy, France, UK and Germany. Then we want to reach the United States, Australia and some other countries in Europe, “he concludes.