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Berlusconi economically kept women from their parties for three years

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, in an archive image. 

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi allegedly paid a score of women frequent at his parties about two and a half million euros for more than three years, Italian media reported.

The newspaper La Repubblica published on Saturday a report in which it reported this fact according to the investigations of the Milan Prosecutor’s Office in the process ‘Ruby Ter’, which investigates the tycoon, among others, for corruption in judicial proceedings.

The newspaper explains that, according to the prosecution, the young women’s income came ” directly or indirectly ” from Berlusconi alone.

Altogether, according to their calculations, a score of young people received from 2010 and during the three successive years income for about 1,700,000 euros and in the first months of 2014 almost 400,000 euros, in addition to villas and an apartment .

A money that, according to the media, would be used to buy the silence of the young girls – known in Italy as “olgettine” – during the various processes that investigate the controversial parties celebrated by the excavaliere.

Among the documents that prosecutors allegedly have is a letter sent in December 2013 in which the tycoon writes to young women explaining that he has helped them as a gesture of affection but that he would no longer do so because it could be interpreted negatively .

‘Ruby case’

Three months before, he had been sentenced in the first instance to seven years in prison and to perpetual disqualification from public office for the Ruby case , in which he was tried for abuse of power and incitement to the prostitution of minors.

The Supreme Court has confirmed Berlusconi’s acquittal for the Ruby case A process that ended last Wednesday, when the Supreme Court confirmed his acquittal previously issued in the second degree. Two aspects have emerged from this trial.

On the one hand, the ‘Ruby bis’ , in which were imputed the journalist Emilio Fede, the representative of artists Lele Mora and the politician and actress Nicole Minetti for induction into prostitution and procuring.

On the other hand, the ‘Ruby 3’ , in which this news is framed, and which investigates an alleged crime of corruption in judicial proceedings, having been able to induce their witnesses to give false testimony in the Ruby process.

The Ruby case alludes to the sexual relations that Berlusconi maintained with the young Moroccan Karima El Marough , nicknamed Ruby, when she was not yet 18 years old .

In addition, Berlusconi was charged with the crime of abuse of power for the call he made to a Milan police station to demand the release of the girl, arrested for a robbery, alleging that she was the niece of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Italian media have published information about the luxurious life train that Ruby currently carries, which they place between Mexico and Dubai . According to information from Il Corriere della Sera , in the Central American country he would have bought a restaurant for the price of one million euros while in Dubai he would be trying to invest two million euros in luxury apartments .

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