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Airbnb: Advantages and disadvantages of the fashion app

Airbnb: Advantages and disadvantages of the fashion app

Airbnb is the private rental platform for apartments, rooms, shared rooms, rural houses, flats, chalets, villas … the most important that exists worldwide. Since its beginning in November 2008, the growth of this portal has been almost exponential and more and more travelers are opting for this option when looking for accommodation.

If you have not yet tried it, then we review the main advantages and disadvantages of the platform.

Advantages of Airbnb

  1. It is much cheaper than a hotel and offers much more freedom.
  2. Maximum confidence in the reservation . Many people are afraid of being scammed when booking a private accommodation online. With Airbnb this fear disappears, since the web offers the evaluations of the previous tenants. Be careful, guests are also evaluated. In addition, Airbnb acts as an intermediary in the payments, which brings a lot of confidence to the transaction.
  3. Accommodations for all tastes . It does not matter what type of accommodation you are looking for: sure Airbnb has it. From houses in the countryside to flats in the city, passing by villas on the beachfront, modern studios, luxury villas and even the odd castle.
  4. A different experience Airbnb offers us a genuine experience that a hotel will never offer us. Staying in a private house we will experience the warmth of that home, that family and that neighborhood. No hotel chain can bring an emotion similar to this.

Disadvantages of Airbnb

  1. The freshness of Airbnb becomes, in turn, its biggest drawback. The quality standards for the hosts are much more flexible and we will never receive the professional treatment of a hotel . Logically, nobody will change our sheets, wash our clothes or take our breakfast to bed.
  2. Restrictions on the arrival schedule . The arrival time is usually agreed with the host, since he has to travel to give us the keys and welcome. This situation can be a bit stressful and requires direct contact with this person if there are any unforeseen times.
  3. It is not possible to cancel the reservations and if we want to modify it (for example, extend a couple of days) the approval of the tenant is necessary.
  4. You have to go shopping . Normally, the food is not included in the accommodation, so if you do not take the food in your suitcase, as soon as you arrive at your destination you have to go to the supermarket to make the purchase, or choose to go out to eat.
  5. There is no check-out . Prior payment, in hotels it is usual to keep your bags on the last day in order to make the most of your stay. With Airbnb this option does not exist, so you may have to take your last walk on the beach with a suitcase in tow.
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