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Aid for women entrepreneurs in Spain

Aid for women entrepreneurs in Spain

For many women and also for many men, entrepreneurship has become an outlet for the crisis and the unemployment situation.

On the other hand, female entrepreneurship has become a struggle of the authorities to try to stop the inequality between sexes since there is still a large wage gap as well as level of responsibility in companies.

To do this, they have created programs to support women ‘s entrepreneurship and p romotion of equality in employment. These are managed by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality through the General Directorate for Equal Opportunities . The main functions of this General Management are two:

Main programs to help women entrepreneurs

Due to all these inequalities, the institutions in recent years have created a series of programs aimed at helping women entrepreneurs in different areas and in different ways, among which are:

  • Microcredits for entrepreneurs. It consists of a series of microcredits under very advantageous conditions for women to undertake. No guarantees are required, they do not have opening, study or amortization commissions and a fixed maximum interest of 7.75% is applied. In addition, they have a repayment term of 6 years. Its purpose is to promote the establishment, maintenance, consolidation and growth of companies managed by women.
  • Business Support Program for Women (PAEM). It has more than 12 working and helping women entrepreneurs through direct and personalized attention in the Chambers of Commerce and through the portal
  • Innovatia Program . It is a project promoted by the University of Santiago and the Women’s Institute aimed at supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of the new university graduates and helping them to implement their personal projects.
  • Innovative Entrepreneurs It is a program financed through FEDER Funds and that with the collaboration of the Foundation of the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) and other institutions such as CCAA and County Councils. Its objective is to help women entrepreneurs through personalized support and consulting in innovative knowledge sectors.
  • Program with agro-food cooperatives . This is a project aimed at promoting the leadership and employment of women in the decision-making bodies of the agro-food cooperatives.
  • Female entrepreneurship in emerging sectors . With the collaboration of the INCYDE Foundation and co-financed with the EEE Funds, this program promotes assistance to women entrepreneurs through counseling, information, personalized follow-up and assistance in accessing financing. It also promotes the free use of services from Chambers of Commerce and direct access to Business Incubators.

Radiography of women in the labor market and Spanish entrepreneur

Regarding the figures, it must be borne in mind that women’s data is still far below that of men in the labor market.

In this sense, according to the latest data from the General Directorate for Equal Opportunities, the female activity rate is 52.9% .

Regarding entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurial activity index is 4% in women and the presence of these as employers is 30.33%. In addition, another fact to take into account, is that women represent only 33.4% of total self-employment .

According to the latest studies of the sector, the profile of the Spanish entrepreneur is a woman between 25 and 34 years old , with university studies , who creates her business with an initial investment of between 1,000 and 2,000 euros and who launches into entrepreneurship because she is in unemployment situation.

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