Financial Problems

A gang that exploits sexually and professionally women from Nicaragua falls

The National Police has arrested eight members of a network that captured Nicaraguan women with financial need to work as domestic workers in Spain, where, having contracted a debt with the organization, they were exploited by the labor force and even forced to have relations with the ringleader. to lower it.

For the trip, the organization provided them with the documentation and necessary tickets, so that they contracted a debt of about 4,500 euros and that they guaranteed with the house they occupied with their family in Nicaragua. Debt that increased progressively (to an interest that from the eighth month reached 10% per month) making itself, sometimes, impossible to pay.

To deal with it, the victims had to pay around 600 euros a month in cash, an amount that they normally could not get together with their work in domestic service, so some of them were forced to have sex with the head of the household. the organization in exchange for lowering said debt.

The meetings were also allegedly recorded with hidden cameras and without the consent of the victims, who were then threatened with publication if they did not pay what they owed.

A call gave the clue

The investigation began with a phone call against trafficking in human beings in which the existence of a person who was dedicating himself to bringing girls from Nicaragua to work in domestic service in exchange for money was denounced.

Agents specializing in the fight against trafficking in human beings took charge of the investigations and discovered the existence of an organization that operated at least since 2009 , led by the family of the main leader.

The organization operated at least since 2009 They also found out that, once in Spain, the victims were picked up by members of the network who transported them to Murcia , where they were received by the leader who was responsible for housing them in flats they had rented.

For the accommodation had to pay about 70 euros per week , although there were several people with whom they had to share a room, living, therefore, in deplorable hygienic conditions and overcrowding. In this way also, the initial debt was increasing continuously.

The chief responsible controlled the victims obsessively , advising them not to trust anyone but him, obtaining copies of all their documents from the victims and even their original passports or opening their mail, all to make sure that they would pay their debt .

The leader of the network threatened to take away their property if they denounced him, what the victims did not do for fear of their threats or to be expelled from Spain, since many were in an irregular situation.

After collecting the evidence, the agents detained the head of the organization , who was placed in provisional detention by court order.

The investigations also allowed to find out that the organization was also dedicated to lend money to other compatriots, taking advantage of the situation of need in which they lived, demanding high interest and having to endorse the loans with their few properties.

During the search in the home of the principal investigator in Murcia, the agents intervened in pornographic material consisting of images of sexual relations that the detainee had with the girls – among them, at least 19 victims of trafficking, those brought by the organization – and that had been obtained without their consent.

They also found images in which the person in charge of the organization appears to be sexually abusing some of his victims.

The final balance of the operation, which has been developed in three phases, has resulted in 6 detainees in Murcia and 2 in Madrid and a total of 185 people who are or have been victims of the localized organization, of which 44 would have been victims of trafficking in human beings for the purpose of labor exploitation.

In addition, of the abundant documentation intervened in the domiciliary records practiced, it appears that more than 75 people had contracted debts with the organization through usurious loans and at least 45 different people appear in the sexually intervened videos. The investigation continues open and it is not ruled out to locate new victims of this organization.

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