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15 tips to improve the economy of women

Most women have to manage money, be it personal money or the money in their home. This handling of money can turn into a nightmare if it is not managed in the best way.

What better gift for a woman to help her in her economy?

With these tips we hope to help all women who want to improve their personal finances.

  1. Saving is essential to improve your economy and that in the future you can acquire what you need without having to go into debt.
  2. Have financial independence, make sure it is only you who manages your money.
  3. Create a budget and organize all the income and expenses that you know you have in each month.
  4. If you have some extra income, it’s the right money to save!
  5. Do not have debts without first being clear that you can pay them in the agreed time. Also inform yourself in advance of all additional costs.
  6. Do not have outstanding accounts, pay everything a day. The more you delay in paying for things, the more money you will spend on interest.
  7. Have a health insurance that specifically covers situations that may happen to women (breast cancer, pregnancy, among others).
  8. Invest in the future, save to buy a house or a business that will help you in your retirement from work, you can also quote to have a pension.
  9. Women tend to get carried away by discounts, keep in mind that many times discounts make you spend more of the money you have and do not buy things you really need.
  10. Access discounts as long as you are completely sure that what you buy will be more an investment than an expense.
  11. Choose to download an application in which you can take all the management of your finances and make an adequate follow-up of the money.
  12. Clothing for women is very important, in this case you have to be careful and not overspend, for example, if you have an event in which you have to use a dress and you already have a dress, try not to buy a new one. Also among friends you can help with clothes, lending what they need.
  13. Did you know that there are applications in which you can sell clothes that you no longer use? Use these applications to have additional income.
  14. Try to pay memberships for a year or several months, many times you will see a discount compared to paying a month and it is an account that you only pay once and you can rest assured that you will not pay it back in months.
  15. The big expenses that you can have try to make them in the months that you have less expenses. These you can take into account in the annual budget.
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